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Become a Partner

Join a growing community of over 1,400 women physicians from across Canada.



$150.00 + Tax

Per Year

CWIM Partnerships auto-renew annually on the anniversary of you becoming a partner.


/ Early access + discounted rate to attend CWIM Conference


/ Exclusive events, workshops & accredited courses

/ Support for local women physician events


/ Partner-only community with private groups & partner directory


/ Opportunities for leadership, mentorship, networking & recognition


/ Advocacy, additional resources & support for women in medicine

/ Detailed award repository to allow more women physicians to be nominated for local, regional and national awards

/ CWIM Connect - Support for events that empower Canadian women physicians

The convenience of auto-renew

CWIM Partnerships are annual and are based on the date you become a partner. They also renew automatically on your anniversary date (with a reminder before) meaning you won't have to worry about your partnership expiring. 

  • Who are Partners?
    Our Partners are a community of dynamic women physicians, supporting each other personally and professionally.
  • Who can join CWIM?
    CWIM welcomes all women upon graduation from an accredited Canadian Medical School or when entering practice as a licensed physician in Canada.
  • Do you accept Partnership applications from outside Canada?
    At this time, CWIM can only process applications within Canada.
  • What is Canadian Women Physicians Day?
    Celebrated for the first time on March 11, 2021, with the generous support of Canadian Women in Medicine, Canadian Women Physicians Day was created by Dr Liana Hwang and is celebrated annually across the country. Learn all about CWPD and find fun ways to celebrate!
  • I have questions about CWIM Conference, who do I contact?
    CWIM Conference, as well as CWIM Leaders and CWIM Parenting, are organized by CWIM Gather. While Canadian Women in Medicine partners receive early access plus discounted pricing to attend CWIM Gather events and courses, these are managed separately and any inquiries about these specific events should be directed to CWIM Gather at
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