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Whether annually or weekly, CWIM Awards recognize the incredible achievements of women physicians in our community.

Annual Award

Dr. Setareh Ziai Inspiring Woman Physician Award

Do you know someone who should be recognized for her inspiring efforts to support her community, workplace, colleagues, family, or friends? Nominate a fellow Canadian woman physician for this award and honour their contribution.

Please send your nominations in Word or PDF format to

*Nominations for 2023 will close March 6th*

2019 Winners

Dr. Barbra Allen Bradshaw & Dr. Carol Loffelmann (joint winners)

Dr. Sarah Gower

Dr. Kimberly Kelly

Dr. Menaka Pai

2020 Winners

Dr. Nadia Alam

Dr. Sara Lea

Dr. Sarah McIsaac

Dr. Nathalie McLaughlin

2021 Winners

Dr. Suzanne Rutherford

Dr. Fiona Mattatall

Dr. Clover Hemans

Dr. Megan Miller

2022 Winners

Dr. Jane Healey

Dr. Jessica Kirkwood

Dr. Susan Thouin

2022 Winners

Dr. Jane Healey

Dr Jane Healey is a pediatrician and Assistant Clinical Professor at McMaster in Ontario. She has dedicated herself to empowering physicians, particularly women physicians, to learn about investing and financial wellbeing. She started a Facebook page with her husband which now has almost 29,000 members, and regularly holds seminars about financial wellbeing for physicians across the country. She is an inspiration and support to thousands of female physicians across Canada.

Dr. Jessica Kirkwood

Dr Jessica Kirkwood is a family physician and an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. She provides medical care to patients facing barriers to access such as homelessness and substance use disorders. She is an active member of the interdisciplinary group PEER (Patients, Experience, Evidence, Research) which creates evidence-based information for clinicians. Outside of medicine, she is a caring, supportive friend and the "world's best cheerleader", and a mother to two young children.


Dr. Susan Thouin

Dr Susan Thouin is an emergency physician, a palliative care physician and an educator at the University of Toronto. She created Voices Rock Medicine, a 60-voice choir for women physicians in Toronto. VRM appeared on Canada's Got Talent and has received worldwide recognition. She has brought self-care, joy, empathy and wellbeing to women physicians in her community, both locally and nationally. She coaches her daughters' sports teams and is active in the school system.

Woman of the Week (WOW) Award

Do you know someone who is making a difference in the lives of their patients, their colleagues and/or friends and families?  Do you wish there was an easy way to say “thanks for being so awesome”? We are shining a spotlight on the women who inspire us by featuring a winner every week!

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