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CWIM Connect

Events to Empower Women Physicians

Thank you for your interest in having CWIM support your upcoming event. 

CWIM wishes to promote and encourage women physicians in organizing local events to benefit themselves and their colleagues.

How can CWIM Connect support your event?

Financial Support
Social Media Promotion
At Work
Administrative Support
Door Prizes and Swag

Who can apply?

To be considered for support from CWIM Connect, click the Application link below.


The application must be completed and submitted by a CWIM Partner.


Applications will be evaluated on the event’s proposed ability to positively impact women physicians. Events may include activities such as networking, education, wellness, charity, advocacy, and/or honoring fellow colleagues. Have your application reflect all the ways your event will support local women physicians and their community.


Applications are assessed quarterly.

Deadline for applications is the 15th of January, April, July and October.


For your event to be eligible for consideration,

it must Not be scheduled within 30 days after the submission deadline of your application, as the CWIM Connect Committee needs time to meet and evaluate all applications.

Once your application is submitted it will be reviewed by the

CWIM Connect committee. Applicants will be informed if and how CWIM Connect

can support their event the following month.

(For example, applications received by January 15th will be informed

in the month of February.)


All events that receive support will be required to send CWIM Connect the completed Event Attendance Sheet and the Post-Event Survey. For those events receiving financial support, 50% of the funding will be sent prior to the event, and the remaining 50% will be sent after CWIM Connect receives the Event Attendance Sheet and Post-Event Survey.


CWIM Connect strives to support as many events as possible. Thank you to all applicants for your dedication to improving the lives of women physicians.

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