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Graphics by: Dr Michiko Maruyama

Celebrating Canadian Women Physicians' Day March 11, 2024

Photo Collage

Share You with Us


She Sits in Bergerac

By: Dr. Jennifer Baxter



The clock

By: Dr Kristine Woodley MD CCFP Palliative Care

What an honour to be welcomed into your home,
To journey with you and your family as you navigate this unrelenting thief

That is overtaking your body.
What a privilege to hold your hands, answer questions,
Create space for both hope and reality
All crisscrossing at once
not knowing where the other ends,
or begins,
They are intertwining.
Supporting a sorrowful,
yet a beautiful and humbling journey
Towards the end
With grief and happiness to carry with me.

As I carry each of you and all those before you,
In my heart, in my mind, in my sacred space forever more,
Sharing experiences, knowledge, love and legacy,
Releasing regrets
Easing fear
Embracing love and accepting change,
sobs and laughter echo at the same time
yet hit differently when the clock ticks louder.
I’m here.
As I will be when the clock stops


LEGO Hospital

By: Dr. Lucie Filteau

Lucie Filteau with LEGO Hospital.jpeg

Original Crochet Blankets

Designed and Created by: Dr. Myra Butler

Myra Butler IMG_0426.jpeg
Myra Butler IMG_0022_edited_edited_edite
Myra Butler image000002_edited.jpg

Art Self-Therapy Flowers in January, water colour

By: Dr. Annick Gauthier

Art self-therapy Flowers in January, water colour.jpg


By: Dr. Adrienne Wong




By: Dr. Edythe Tham

Edythe Tham Tomorrow
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The Rose

By: Janine Benoit

The Rose by Janine Benoit
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