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Happy First Canadian Women Physician's Day - A poem in honour of my colleagues

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

By Dr. Sara Ahronheim, Emergency Physician, Montreal

She sits in her car at the end of the day

Lets the music play

Closes her eyes

Rubs her temples

Leans back into the seat heater

Turns off the music

Sits in silence

Lets the day wash over her

Lets the day move out of her.

She steps out of her car at the end of the day

Makes her way inside

Partner, pet, kids or silence greet her

The shower beckons

Quickly she strips off her outer layers

Tosses them in the hamper

Steps into the steam

Lets the hot water wash over her

Lets the day wash off of her.

She steps out of her car at the start of her day

In the locker room she changes

Hospital scrubs replace leggings

Stylish boots become well worn sneakers

Up goes her hair

On goes the ID card she’s had for years

Pockets full, stethoscope on

She lets one deep breath fill her lungs

Lets the day move into her

Lets space for patients open in her.

Woman Physician, I see you

You are me, I am you

We breathe together

We struggle together

We take on the world

We make space for our patients

While we try constantly to make space for ourselves.

Not long ago

Women Physicians like us were rare

Now we are everywhere

Yet still we find ourselves fighting

Pushing ourselves to work harder

Speak louder

Find allies

Echo each other at meetings

Make excuses

Feel vulnerable

Feel disappointed

Feel weak

When we should feel empowered.

We are mighty

We are women, doctors, friends, spouses, mothers, fur baby mothers, sisters, daughters, and more.

We move through our work with grace

We hold strength for others

We often forget to give back to ourselves.

Colleagues, friends, it’s time

Take a moment to remind yourselves

Remember how hard you worked to get here

Give yourself space to breathe, even just one deep breath

Give yourself just a moment of peace

Before giving to everyone else.

Thank you for all you do.

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